Preacher's Pulpit                                 Dr. Joe Tims

TEXT: Rom 2:24

SUBJ: Blaspheming the Name of God

Is it possible for the name of God to be blasphemed because of us?

Paul was speaking of the Jews, but he could well have spoken these words about many believers.

No true Christian desires to bring reproach upon the name of our Lord, yet, we do so through our words and deeds.

Note three important thoughts here in Romans


 (Exo 20:7a)  "Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain;"

 A. Your name is very important to you.

 B. You get very disturbed if your name is misspelled.

 C. You get even more upset if someone uses your name in a dishonest or evil way.

 D. Imagine how much more important is the name of God!

 E. From the very beginning, God has put great emphasis upon the importance of His name.

 F. A person's character is wrapped up in his name.

 G. To have a bad name is to be a person of bad character.

 H. When God's name is profaned, it is an attack upon His holy character!

 I. There are over one hundred names for Jesus in the Bible.

 J. This indicates how important names are to the heart of God.


 (Exo 20:7b) ". . . for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain."

 A. Never in history have so many cared so little about God's name.

 B. His name is blasphemed on radio, in print, on television and on the street every day.

 C. What a shame!

 D. His name should be reverenced.

 E. In Israel a few years ago, a series of stamps were produced which had the pictures of famous synagogues upon them. Orthodox Jews were outraged. Why? Because one of the synagogues had the name of God on one of the windows. Shimon Perez, head of the Israeli Postal Service, had all the stamps destroyed.

 F. You see, it would have been a disgrace for a Jew to lick a stamp with the name of God upon it!

 G. Oh, that we had such respect for the name of our God.


 (Rom 2:24)  "For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles through you, as it is written."

 A. Paul said it was, "though you."

 B. God has identified with His people.

 C. He has given us His Nature and His Name.

 D. He did that to Abram when He changed his name to Abraham.

 E. He did that with Jacob when He changed his name to Israel.

 F. Both of these men had the very name of God included in their names.

 G. God has done that for us.

 H. We are called Christians.

 I. We are to be Christ-like!

CONCLUSION: Let it never be said that God's name is blasphemed because of us. Instead let it be said that God's name is blessed because of us!

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